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Silpo Mandala

Silpo Mandala

A large project from one of the best retail operators in Ukraine became an important stage for us in development and set many interesting tasks to solve.

The client brief required the use of the heavily geometrical Mandala style, which carries a fairly broad cultural context. At first glance, it may look like a trivial task, but in fact, such an element complicates the creative process by the fact that it is not a self-sufficient interior unit. On the other hand, we had to take into account the infinite number of modern technical and infrastructural elements, which, on the contrary, are antonyms to this style. Moreover, the retail sector assumes the use of already existing schemes for the placement and movement of retail space, so this aspect was no less important than the visual components. As a result of a dense and persistent, creative and technical process, the customer received a very postmodern store with several shop-in-shops, which differs from other stores in the chain, but at the same time retains its inherent navigation interface and user experience.
Project name: Silpo Mandala
Location: Lviv, UA
Client: Fozzy Group
Area: 1500 m²
Project Type: project, development supervision
We have added small and large elements of a given style throughout the space, which is not always typical for retail, but beautifully unites the space and makes it whole.
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