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Silpo Giokonda

Silpo Giokonda

The second project of our bureau for the leader of the retail industry in Ukraine.

The project was quite different from the previous experience of cooperation with the network. This time we had to use all possible (and some impossible) variations on the La Gioconda theme by Leonardo Da Vinci. In order not only to express our respect for the great master, but also to create a modern interior for the store, we used many variations on the theme of the painting itself, as well as the physical and graphic elements characteristic and associated with Leonardo. We also tried to use a color scheme and shades that were widespread in the Middle Ages.
As a result, we got a project in which the visitor is not just so much a passer-by as a researcher, or a player who is trying to find the answer to the riddle of the sage in endless references to the original source.
Project name: Silpo Gioconda
Location: Ukraine
Client: Fozzy Group
Area: 1300 m²
Project Type: project, development supervision
We have added small and large elements of a given style throughout the space, which is not always typical for retail, but beautifully unites the space and makes it whole.
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