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4Seasons Office Space

4Seasons Office Space

Recent full-cycle project by LEF studio from scratch to tenant launch. We did reshape the basic project from the construction company to improve usability and spacing. Office separated into working zone among with lounge area, kitchen, separate office room, and a meeting room. This is the perfect private office space to escape daily duties and dive deep into work with your team.
Project Name: 4Seasons Office Space
Location: Odessa, UA
Client: Private investor
Area: 110 m²
Project Type: project, development, property management
The customer request was to fit different tenants into the office, thus we decided to combine neutral colors and shapes with bright color blocks, which can be adopted by different customers.
We also worked on furniture design & production here to provide durability and style in one. The working area includes 4 to 12 people seating schemes we provided.
Planning & designing
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Zhukovskogo str. 19, Odesa, Ukraine
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